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  1. Plural of regular

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The term regular can mean normal or obeying rules. Regular may refer to:
In organizations:
In mathematics, geometry, and statistics:
  • Regular polygon, a polygon where all angles and all sides are equal
  • Regular polyhedron, a 3-dimensional equivalent to a regular polygon
  • Regular category, a kind of category that has similarities to both Abelian categories and to the category of sets
  • Regular prime, a certain kind of prime number
  • Regular graph, a graph such that all the degrees of the vertices are equal
  • Regular cardinal, a cardinal number that is equal to its cofinality
  • Regular space, a topological space in which a point and a closed set can be separated by neighbourhoods
  • Regularity, the degree of differentiability of a Smooth function
  • Regularity, a necessary condition in Fisher information and in finding the Cramer-Rao Lower Bound
  • Axiom of Regularity, also called the Axiom of Foundation, an axiom of set theory asserting the non-existence of certain infinite chains of sets
In other uses:
  • Regular character, a main character who appears more frequently and/or prominently than a recurring character
  • Regular expression, a type of pattern describing a set of strings in computer science
  • Regular verb, a grammatical term for a verb with derived forms that are typical for the language

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